Lorri & Angus Eden Gardens Wedding | Chatswood Wedding Photographer

It was four-thirty in the morning when the alarm went off; time to get up. Hair and makeup at five-thirty a.m., ceremony at eleven, wrap it all up by five. Lorri and Angus were hosting an afternoon in the sun at Eden Gardens in North Ryde, and it turned out to be the perfect plan with nothing but blue skies and that early autumn climate that screams for an outdoor party. When I arrived at Lorri’s house that morning, the crickets were out en masse and the sun, which would later give us a glorious Saturday afternoon, was nowhere to be seen. No problem, great time for some low-key details. It was six-thirty when dawn finally broke, and by now the girls were well into hair and starting the initial stages of makeup. For me it was straight outside with Lorri’s beautiful vintage wedding dress in tow, hoping to catch a bit of that angled backlight that wedding photographers so often crave. What I hadn’t noticed was that little space between the branches where sunlight broke through like a tractor beam, piercing the fabric with a bright orange glow that lasted about the same time it took me to press the shutter. Sometimes luck is on your side, and it’s all the more welcome when you’re one-hundred shots deep and it’s only seven a.m.

Eden Gardens is an insanely awesome wedding venue, and a perfect match for a couple like Lorri and Angus. It’s full of vibrant sculptures, cobblestoned pathways and structural facades that now resemble ancient ruins. Come time for the formal location photos, it takes a couple with endless enthusiasm and dedication to even get through a small percentage of the gardens, but sure enough that couple was Lorri and Angus. Full of energy and always ready for another shot, they’re part of a rare breed where no idea is too small, too huge, or too weird to be a part of (as a wedding photographer it’s imperative to know that a couple still trusts me when things start to get a little weird, as they so often do when the caffeine tank approaches empty). With Lorri and Angus on board we swiftly moved through the gardens knocking down shots left, right and centre, before settling down for a scrumptious buffet lunch overlooking the gardens with family and friends. We rounded the afternoon off with a few photos at Beauchamp Park and The Concourse in Chatswood, and it was amazing to see that ongoing pulse of energy, which started at five-thirty in the morning remember, never skip a beat.

I had a blast photographing this wedding. Everything – from the gorgeous vintage detailing of hair, makeup, the bouquet and the bridesmaid dresses, to the superb location and music – was chosen with perfection and made for an incredible day. Lorri, Angus and their bridal party were out of this world, and it ended up being one of those great weddings that I was lucky to be apart of. Congratulations Lorri and Angus!

Extra thanks to Armand Abogado for helping out on the day.