Jasmine & Jacky’s Dunbar House Wedding | Watsons Bay

How long does it take to plan a wedding? For some, years. Others start months in advance. For Jasmine and Jacky, try two weeks. The first time I spoke with Jacky on the phone was a mere seven days before their wedding. The provisional venue, Dunbar House, was still being finalised for a Wednesday afternoon, and I was hastily shifting other commitments in order to make it in time for the ceremony. He managed to score the venue, but with one caveat: everyone needed to be out by 5pm, and all decorations were to be set-up on the day by the Bride and Groom, or any willing guests. Talk about being under the pump; this was a recipe that would lead to one of the most raw and pure weddings that I have been apart of.

There was no official celebrant, speeches were impromptu and emotional, and everything from the music to the decorations were provided by family and friends who had spent days in the lead-up helping Jasmine and Jacky create something this memorable. It was a great collaboration between the soon-to-be-married and an extended family for whom no challenge was too insignificant. Immediately post-ceremony, decorations were bundled into the dining room of Dunbar House, set-up with an urgent perfection, whilst a tea-ceremony next door got underway. Guests mingled while gifts were exchanged as part of an ongoing tradition. By the end the room looked as though it had been set with all the time in the world.

5pm and the afternoon had come to an end, but the evening had just begun. Because we didn’t get a real chance for formal photos after the ceremony, a night shoot was on the cards. Something a little different is always a lot exciting. After a quick pass by the Watson’s Bay lighthouse, we ended up on a tour by foot through The Rocks, under the warm glow of Sydney’s streets. With Bride, Groom and entourage in tow we worked through an urban landscape of cobblestone streets, chatting and photographing as casual as could be. At the end of the night, when all was said and shot, Jacky had one last question for us. “Wanna go for a beer or something?”

Enjoy the photos, and congratulations to Jasmine and Jacky!

P.S. an extra big thanks to Celeste for helping me out on the day.