Dominique & Foad’s Italian Village Wedding | The Rocks Wedding Photography

Preface: Like any other self-respecting professional, I don’t go out of my way to drink on the job. Alcohol and photography go together like myself and exercise. Not well. However, when the Bride and Groom insist you share a glass of Scotch halfway through the reception, what is a responsible photographer to do? You have a glass of Scotch, of course! There’s an out-of-focus dancefloor photo towards the end of this post, and I assure you that it wasn’t a result of whisky. Or was it? I don’t really remember.

Dominique and Foad’s wedding day was a blast to be a part of. From a photographer’s standpoint, I can’t stress enough how difficult it is to plan for a wedding day. You map out a few photos here and there, but being ready to ‘wing it’ is the real preparation. That’s half the fun too. Torrential rain kept us indoors for the entire morning, but granted us a Martin Place that was nearly deserted by the afternoon. We had planned to photograph in the same lane used for the engagement shoot which was just around the corner, however we couldn’t pass up this chance. The rain stopped just in time for a few shots of the couple in what appeared to be an empty city.

Later we had the pleasure of being right amongst Sydney’s annual Vivid Lights festival, which was taking place on the doorstep of the Italian Village (the reception venue for the night). I knew Vivid Lights would be a special opportunity, but I also knew there’d be hundreds of people fighting for the prime real estate that was determined by my viewfinder. It was packed, really packed. Luckily for us, a bride and groom are a pretty good tool for stopping pedestrian traffic. It was run ‘n’ gun stuff out there, firing off photographs only to be immediately swarmed by the crowds. Did I mention it was still raining too? It was still raining.

As for the couple themselves, Dominique and Foad were amazing together. Dominique of course made everybody else in a 5km radius look bad; she was stunning. Foad was every bit as sharp in a suit. As a matter of fact the entire group were a brilliant amalgam of classy and crazy, and you can’t have a great wedding without a little bit of crazy; it kept the whole day exciting right through to midnight. My favourite kind of people.

Congrats Dominique and Foad! (and thanks for the glass of Scotch).

Huge thanks to Richard Phillips for giving me a hand and taking some great shots throughout the day.