Dominique & Foad’s Sydney Laneway Engagement Photography | Sydney Portrait Photographer

“Sorry we’re late… we had to stop for tequila shots!” When Dominique and Foad arrived for their engagement shoot, I was greeted with the usual “Hi Derek”, followed by those exact words. It was totally unexpected, ‘shocking’ if you will, and my initial thought was, “this shoot is going to be awesome!” The second being, “wait a minute, how come I wasn’t invited? Oh right, the photography thing.”

It was particularly chilly on the Sunday afternoon. The repercussions of the Saturday night passed left Sydney a ghost town, and gave us the freedom to explore the streets at our own pace. The atmosphere was both relaxed and eery, but it was perfect. For Dominique and Foad, early nerves were soon wiped clean as we got underway. I like to think that my laid-back approach helped them out a little bit, but who are we kidding? It was the tequila! Whatever the case, Dominique and Foad were a blast to work with. Dominique had a classic case of the giggles to kick things off, and she couldn’t help but burst into laughter with the slightest glance from Foad. The coffee wasn’t helping, but a few bad jokes got things back on track. Oh and I’ve gotta say; any couple that turns down my suggestion of ‘smart casual’ dress in favour of more formal attire wins bonus points in my book. It definitely provided that little something extra that makes all the difference.

We wandered the streets until we entered a lane canopied with bird cages. Admittedly I had a secret intention to bring them there at some point during the shoot, and when they saw it Dominique told me that the wedding reception would feature a bird cage on every table. Fate? Or just a great coincidence? It was made even better by the fact that we almost didn’t make it there to begin with, as the sun had already set and I didn’t know if the lane would be usable at night. It’s the kind of moment that freaks you out, in a good way of course, and it was a fitting end to the night.