Jodie & Steve’s St Marys Wedding | North Sydney Wedding Photography

When I first started out as a wedding photographer it wasn’t long before I made the discovery that morning preparation is a lot like a good aperitif; it sets the tone for what’s to come, the main course, and it’s a foundation for making the most of the really good stuff. Prep is the beginning of a wild ride, the start of a big day, and it’s important to get those juices flowing early on, lest you’ll be feeling the burn by midday. Being one of four sisters, Jodie’s morning prep was a hilarious and exuberant affair that made the need for a second coffee obsolete, and I mean that in a good way. To keep the food analogy going, it was a great aperitif, because there’s nothing quite like photographing a group of four extroverted sisters at 9am in the morning on big sis’ wedding day.

Prep might have been that caffeine injection I crave at the start of every morning, but it was delicately balanced by an intimate and emotional ceremony attended to by only a handful of Jodie and Steve’s closest family and friends. A wedding ceremony in the purest form, Jodie walked down the aisle past one-hundred empty pews before coming into focus and locking eyes with Steve at the altar. It was a beautiful reminder that weddings are still about the simple things; the marriage of two people and the coming together of families, whilst everything else is icing on the cake (a wedding pun? no way!)

I’ll end this one by saying that Jodie, Steve and their bridal party were an awesome bridal party to photograph. Fun bridal parties are what make weddings great, and when you have eight excited people traversing North Sydney at dusk after an incredible wedding ceremony, you’re bound to have some fun along the way, and we definitely did have fun. We finished things up with an informal dinner reception at Ormeggio’s on The Spit, Mosman, with the newlyweds departing early in the night to catch a few hours of sleep before their honeymoon flight at dawn the next morning.

Congratulations to Jodie and Steve!

Shout outs to Armand for helping me out, it’s always a pleasure to have a second set of eyes on the day!


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